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Key Mobile & Wearables Applications and Technologies:

Facial Recognition, Gesture Sensing, Time-of-Flight, Active Stereo Vision, Structured Light, VCSEL, Behind OLED, Color Sensing, Proximity and Flicker Detection, Medical Wearables, Ambient Light Sensing, Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), Adaptive Leakage Compensation (ALC)

Delivering differentiation with 3D Sensing

Can you imagine life today without your smartphone cameras? The 3D sensors in these cameras are game changing. 3D sensing is driving innovation in the mobile industry and beyond, enabling and enhancing new differentiating applications like accurate facial recognition amsfacial recognition OSRAM or gesture sensing, immersive online shopping, secure payments, and convenient access management to delivering realistic gaming experiences.

ams and OSRAM is an innovator in 3D sensing solutions ams / 3D sensing solutions OSRAM. Our IP and technology expertise underpins the evolution of 3D sensing applications. We design and manufacture high-performance illumination solutions using all three 3D technologies to cover front-facing as well as world-facing applications: Time-of-Flight, Active Stereo Vision and Structured Light. Components, modules, and system reference designs also belong to our portfolio.  

Our sensors have a small form factor, achieve outstanding performance, are optimized for precision and accuracy, and are tuned for highest energy efficiency.

Combining our renowned Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) technology with unique optical design and packaging expertise, we provide reliable performance for the most demanding high-volume mobile platforms.


Sensing solutions for optimized displays

How mobile devices can maximize usable display without compromising on performance?

The mobile computing market continues to follow the smartphone industrial-design trend of maximizing screen-to-body ratios. Display size and quality are key buying considerations, as people use their devices throughout the day and in lighting conditions that can challenge the best display management solutions.

ams and OSRAM develop and deliver industry-leading sensor solutions that promise excellent image quality and display functionality to meet manufacturer requirements for their bezel-less or small frame designs. Our technology leadership enables accurate ambient light, color, and proximity sensing solutions to operate behind OLED displays used in next-generation mobile handsets. Our innovative packaging and silicon design mean we deliver sensing solutions that fit in the industry’s smallest aperture size behind inked glass. While our color sensors enable emissive (paper-like) displays – making text as readable as on printed paper. These sensors meet the most challenging industrial design requirements while providing superior proximity detection performance with minimal optical crosstalk.


Smart Health becomes more intelligent

What is your resting heart rate, and is your blood pressure within range?

The recent rise of the ‘Quantified-Self Movement’ in consumer electronics together with the increase in demand for medical wearables to measure monitor and record vital signs – both in and out of direct medical supervision – has accelerated the demand for sensors that can be integrated into any wearable device like watches, fitness bracelets, audio earbuds, and even disposable stick-on patches.

ams and OSRAM are pioneering innovative biometric optical sensor solutions and components for fitness tracking, analysis, and health monitoring applications. The small, intelligent, and reliable optical sensors accurately measure vital signs including heart rate, temperature and blood oxygen saturation, and can easily be integrated into any product enabling consumers and healthcare professionals to monitor health diagnostics using non-evasive methods.

Our optical sensor solutions are designed for low energy consumption and deliver high signal quality for extreme accuracy. We work with a wide cross-section of industry partners to ensure that our products address today’s critical needs – from cardiac awareness to possible COVID-19 symptoms.


Superb image quality

What company enables you to take great pictures on your smartphone?

A mobile phone’s camera has huge value to the consumer – for most, it has become their primary photography device, enabling them to capture important moments anywhere, anytime. Today, the camera quality is one of the key criteria in the purchase-decision for a new smartphone or mobile device.

ams and OSRAM are a leading supplier of color (RGB), proximity, and flicker detection sensors which enable the mobile phone camera to take clean, and unblemished photographs even in artificial lighting scenes, offering smartphone manufacturers an exciting new way to differentiate their product without any fundamental re-design of the camera system’s architecture. Our sensors enable auto white-balancing (AWB), light-source detection, auto-focus and background blur assist, plus spectral ambient light sensing (ALS).


The IC driving best-in-class digital ANC

Who do world-leading audio brand manufacturers turn to for high-performing digital active noise cancelation (or ANC)? ams and OSRAM.

Loose-fit earbuds have leakage, meaning that ambient noise can still be heard. Many manufacturers opt for tight fit designs, but this often means discomfort – especially when wearing for several hours listening to music, taking calls, or blocking background noise. To address this, ams and OSRAM deliver world-leading noise cancellation for all mobile audio form factors.

Our Digital Augmented Hearing IC AS3460 solves the problem with Adaptive Leakage Compensation (ALC). The IC connects to microphones to listen to the surroundings and to analyze the leakage. Then the ALC algorithm adapts the ANC response shape to remain fully functional.

In closed-fit designs, smaller speakers can be used while enabling a consistently good performance over different user ear-shapes and -sizes. On over-ear designs, eyeglass wearers will no longer have to compromise on ANC performance. The AS3460 offers ams ultra-low power and latency processing like all ams ANC audio products. Together with the TMD2635 proximity detection sensor, this innovation enhances the future of earbuds.


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