Our optical technologies combining miniaturized sensors, emitters and software enable the latest trends. Let´s see what ams OSRAM has to offer.

CES, the world's largest electronics trade show, kicked off the year with the latest trends and products in digital health, automotive mobility, smart home – where we saw strong use case scenarios for sensing and optical technologies. As we approach MWC, one of the most influential exhibitions for the mobile connectivity industry, it is clear: sensors and optical technologies are everywhere. Learn more about our mobile solutions: 


From smart home robots to self-driving vehicles, smartphones to wearable devices, LiDAR for automotive and industry, AR/VR technologies – it is all about connecting machines to each other and interaction with humans, to make them smart and sustainable. Optical technology plays a crucial role by closing the gap between the physical and the digital world.

At ams OSRAM, our expertise is in combining sensors, emitters and software to bring to light the information that our environment holds, enabling our customers to develop the products and solutions that make life better for everyone.  For example find out more about our one-stop-shop for vital sign solutions:


Enabling your electronic designs with sensor, emitter, and software innovation – whatever the market

This makes ams OSRAM a key enabler for many current industry trends. Take the consumer market, where CES showed the transition from connected to smart home appliances. ams OSRAM empowers this trend by offering a wide range of optical sensor solutions for home robots including 3D sensing technologies (Active Stereo Vision, Time-of-Flight, Structured Light), light emitters and NIR shutter image sensors for 2D and 3D vision, enabling innovations from secure human-machine interaction to collision avoidance systems.

In recent years, CES has increasingly developed into an automotive and mobility trade show. This year, leading car manufacturers used the show to present their latest mobility concepts regarding electrification, connectivity, and ADAS. As a trusted advisor with over 100 years of experience, we engage in smart lighting and sensing solutions that shape the mobility of tomorrow, such as intelligent forward lighting, ambient lighting, in-cabin and exterior sensing, intelligent signaling, displays and projections. For another striking trend at CES – two-wheel mobility solutions like electric bikes and scooters – ams OSRAM has enhanced its product offering. LiDAR for autonomous driving in cars and industrial vehicles was also much discussed, an emerging technology for which ams OSRAM offers both emitting architectures, edge emitting laser (EEL) and vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL).

What CES demonstrated and MWC will soon confirm is that the trend toward optimized displays and camera quality in mobile and computing continues. In fact, 3D sensing is on the rise, enabling exciting applications like accurate facial and gesture recognition, secure payments, convenient access management, realistic gaming, 3D imaging, and even Augmented Reality.


At the same time, design remains a key differentiator. Our miniaturized solutions operating behind OLED give designers greatest freedom, while our display lighting and display management solutions – such as proximity and ambient light sensors – enhance user experience. For example, system manufacturers benefit from the compact design and ease of integration of the ams OSRAM recently launched world's smallest multi-zone direct time-of-flight modules for camera laser distance auto-focus (LDAF) or computing user presence detection (Windows ‘Hello’), while we are working at the forefront of all 3D sensing technologies.

The metaverse – widely identified as the next chapter of the Internet – is now omnipresent in show discussions. It will fuel the trend toward augmented reality and virtual reality solutions. Our outstanding miniaturized optical technology portfolio of high-performance laser diodes, LEDs, light sensors, and 3D sensor solutions enable all kinds of AR/VR functionalities, such as near-to-eye projection, eye-tracking, proximity sensing, and gesture recognition.

For example, growth in the smart glasses market is already accelerating. Component miniaturization has been a key prerequisite. It enabled the manufacturers of early ‘brick’ mobile phones to innovate beyond industrial and corporate use to meet thousands of new consumer needs – at a consumer price point. Now, ams OSRAM enables the same trend in augmented or mixed reality glasses. The new Vegalas™ surface-mount module prototype halves the size of the essential projection light engine in smart AR/MR glasses enabling their design to look and feel as comfortable as normal spectacles or sunglasses. Watch this video and learn more:


And at any trade show the topic of disinfection is top of mind. ams OSRAM offers premier solutions for UV-C disinfection for air, surfaces and water, in a tiny chip that can help transform our public meeting spaces.

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You will experience leading-edge optical technologies for automotive, health, industrial, mobile, and consumer. For example, our broad portfolio and miniaturized solutions enhance displays, enable smart access, create perfect images, monitor vital signs, enable AR/VR applications like near-to-eye projection, and setting the standard in horticulture lighting. Our UV-C technology enables a cleaner and safer world. Or in automotive lighting ams OSRAM provides smart lighting for perfect illumination, safety, and comfort outside and inside the vehicle. So, 

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